Encourage TEAM innovation by making it safe to share.

More than half of employees report low levels of psychological safety.

What if you could create a climate where people can share ideas — without fear of repercussion?

TEAM creates conditions for new levels of agility, engagement, and innovation in your workplace.

TEAM empowers employees to be agile and soar to new heights.

Retain Top Talent

Eliminate toxic cultures — the greatest predictors of attrition.

Innovate with Impact

In the most innovative teams, 97% of employees feel they can regularly discuss their mistakes and learn from them.

Drive business outcomes faster

Accelerate inclusion by creating environments where diverse teams can thrive.

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Develop better people strategies

Align your priorities, habits, and systems with NLI's unique approach to consulting.

Drive change at scale fast

Activate habits across your organization with culture change solutions and pathways.

Power up existing strategies

Accelerate organizational learning with a NLI research and content license.

"Psychological safety is the shared belief that candor is valued — and that your voice will be welcomed."

– Dr. Amy Edmondson

(Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School)

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Let's transform your organization — together.

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